2012-06-18 Release of the New version of Albatross 3D for Windows
The new version of A3D is available in the download section! Have a look in the forums to see the list of changes and find a link to a video presentation of the new features...

2011-03-21 New Beta Of A3D is out
Please, remove previous version before or empty the scripts directory.

2009-07-01 New Beta of Albatross3D is Out.
Beta will come more often from now on...

2008-06-06 New Beta of Albatross3D (with animation)...
This version is centered around animation. It includes:
  • Animation of attributes of light, camera, curves and meshes;
  • Custom attributes;
  • Expression to link attributes;
  • Curve to link attributes;
  • Dope sheet editor;
  • Curve Editor;
  • Constraints (position, rotation, scale, point at, hinge point at, limits).


2007-07-11 New Beta Version for Windows
  • Texture are compressed into 3de files. The 3de file are much smaller;
  • Texture loaded from file can be saved as reference into 3de files (the path is saved, but not the image itself). The 3de file size is much smaller, but 3de file are then not self-sufficient;
  • Mesh and edge handles are remove. Meshes/Edges are selected by cliking anywhere on them;
  • Final gathering is now working;
  • Update Occlusion Pass can limit the distance between considered occluders.
  • Final gathering and Occlusion Pass have their own layers;


2007-03-27 New Beta version for Windows.

2007-03-14 Still working on the MacOS porting. Soon a Beta for Mac!
If there is any beta tester around here, just let me know...

2007-02-02 New windows and linux beta including a rendering engine, see forum for more details..

2006-04-21 New windows beta including a rendering engine, see forum more details..

2006-04-05 Digital Art Links add a gallery dedicated to ppModeler.
Link added in the link section.

2006-03-10 New Tutorial from OmegaUltraus: Stick Tool

2005-09-11 Have a look a the new tutorial from OmegaUltraus HERE.

2005-05-10 New windows beta, see forum more details..

2005-04-26 Forum Added
A Forum is added. You can now talk about ppModeler in the Forum. Also, ppModeler is looking for contributors. If you are interested, go to the Forum... By the way, the latest Beta uses OpenGl.

2004-07-09 I'm working a lot on the next version. Not ready yet, because some new tools are not completly finished... A beta can be downloaded here

2003-11-24 New Release of ppModeler for windows.
  • Interface Improvement:
    • help integrated
    • tips added
    • move point of view with 'Alt' + left button => no more scrollbars in the views
    • 'h', toolbar, view menu: hide/show UI elements
    • silhouette viewing mode
    • draw handle in center of faces, so that if a faces is surronded by selected faces, it is possible to know if it is selected or not.
    • material preview with procedual textures
    • n, p N, P shortkeys for sequence editor
    • 'r'/'R' rotate the view 90 degrees around the view direction
    • scale vertices : same than rotate, with a moveable center.
    • field of view in the views: '/' and '*' change the fov
    • switch between iso/perspective mode in views with the '=' key
    • space key switch between view/hide constructions items (edge, vertex, handles).
    • 'l' allows to measure the distance between two points
    • '0', '1', '2' sets the SDS level in mesh, face, edge, vertex toolbox.
    • 'D'/'d' switch to the previous/next drawing mode
    • resize views with the mouse
    • sds revisited: sharp edge, border edges
  • New tools:
    • copy selected faces into new object.
    • select border edge and border vertices.
    • select faces by material
    • select visible faces (based on angle with the point of view)
    • select faces associated with a projector
    • select faces by smooth group.
    • 'p' in a view -> save view as image
    • move vertices with params when selection tool is activated
    • add script command type => in the script menu
    • 'm'/'M' key in vertex mode move the last selected vertex along the view direction
    • 't'/'T' key in vertex mode move the last selected vertex along the its normal
    • SDS meshes: subdiv with level 0 to see the base mesh only.
    • statistics on faces: concave, 3 -> n vertices with a select button
    • lasso tool for edge, face, vertex, uv in place of rectangle selection.
    • extrude edge: single face (double sided), duplicate vertex option
  • Export and Scripts:
    • read texture and texture coordinates in script
    • add rib/pov command to camera, light, object and scene
    • clone material (not editable, reflect another one, with a different name and a different smooth group) to create face groups.
    • pov: bug when export face. export bump, alpha, gloss. export texture only once, convert miror/sds to mesh before exporting
    • '.obj' import support '/r' files.
    • remove imgedit frrom the texture window, add the possibilty to filter the textures.
    • export materials, textures and meshes to vrml 2.0 with a script
  • Corrected bugs:
    • popup menu: overlaping submenu managed correctly
    • material: recompute procedural texture only when a procedural parameter has changed
    • save: add file name to list of the last 4 files only when not existing already there
    • undo for add face
    • separate faces, problem with textured object.
    • undo bug corrected
    • bug in stick face tool
    • bug setting gloss texture and changing diffuse texture after
    • bug with materials when importing.
    • bug: back and forth to sds add to history
    • bug when moving 2d shape
    • bug: undo when texture removed...
    • bug: memory leak when deleting vertices, when importing object, with new scene
    • bug with extrude smooth faces, small face on smooth face.
    • selecting vertices of faces bugs
    • bug: setting texture projector
    • bug: edge weight not preserved throw mirroring


2003-03-18 New Release of ppModeler for windows, BeOs and Linux.
This release includes many, many new things, and is far more stable.

New Features :

  • Many sample files
  • New pdf documentations
  • New Modeling Tools/functions
    • for object constructed with curve(s), it is now possible to change the splines resolution in control panel.
    • remove unused texture button in texture list window
    • add face on edge tool
    • select and move for bones, param for bone.
    • sds : param displaying number of faces, edges, vertices for the generated object
    • extrude edge tool
    • sds object now support texture
    • select connected vertices tool
    • select connected faces tool
    • make hole on selected edges tool
    • create faces of the selected edges
    • select edge's vertices.
    • select edge's faces.
    • select connected edges
    • better palette editor window.
    • morphing target : - no morphing in list
    • morph popup menu and rotate vertices tool
    • hide faces.
    • rotate selected vertices tool witheditable pivot point
  • Material Tools/functions
    • support gloss map
    • texture projector:
      • multiple projector associated with an object or faces of an object.
      • paint edges on texture,
      • change projector order (before, after, refresh).
    • procedural material by scripts. The allowed types for parameters are:
      • palette
      • rgbColor
      • float
      • options
      • vector
      • point
      pack generated texture in one big texture. Look at the sample scripts in the scripts directory, and at the pdf documentation.
    • save, load materials
    • material list in tree
    • generate texture for face/object
    • remove unused generated texture
    • texture window : no more slide, but intinput for scale, full with x heigth
  • Misc
    • filter on backgound images, preview in file selection
    • current file name and scene image displayed in control panel (object toolbox)
    • pick objects from 3de file.
    • mixed color for script (col1, col2, t)
    • back facing edge color
    • undo for curves and blob
  • Corrected bugs
    • edit open lath => open edit curve's points tool
    • cursor for bones.
    • del vertex with isolated vertices do work
    • back and forth to sds => unfreed memory
    • texture name unique, replace with load, rename.
    • bug in merging shape


2002-07-19 New Release of ppModeler for windows.
New Features :

  • save/load materials, replace material in the material editor.
  • views with 2 new buttons (view toolbox and view options), and view state displayed
  • views can be rotated with the mouse (left button and ctrl key pressed).
  • toolbar to quick access to save/load and material, texture windows.
  • thick 3d objects (objects menu)
  • modifier submenu (effects menu)
  • pivot point can now by edited (tools toolbox)
  • clean history function (effects menu)
  • few improvement in the blob toolbox
  • rotate and scale mouse cursors.
  • image associated with a scene, preview window for image and scene. The image can be set in the popup menu of a view (if the view is in flat shaded or textured display mode) or after rendering.
  • Texture projection on objects (plane, cylinder, sphere projection) can now be done with the mouse (material tool in the object toolbox)
  • Scripting:
    A scripting engine is now included in ppModeler. It's a C/C++ like language, strongly typed. The script are automaticaly loaded when ppModeler is launch from the directory scripts. Not all the functionalities of ppModeler can be accessed from the scripts, but it will come... A few sample comes with this version:
    • Export to Raw files script.
    • transform into sphere script modifier.
    • twist script modifier
    • inflate script modifier
    • tetrahedron script object

Corrected bugs :

  • smooth material with symetrical objects make ppModeler Crash
  • materials not affected to an object not saved with the scene
  • shape centers was not displayed correctly.
  • blob toolbox: don't add emtpy ellipse, sphere


2002-03-13 Mailing list is opend. You can subscribe to the list by sending email to with 'subscribe' in the Subject field OR by logging into the Web interface here.

2002-02-05 New release of ppModeler for BeOS and linux.
WARNING : the environment variable needed by ppModeler has change from MODELER to PPMODELER_DIR

2002-01-25 New release of ppModeler for Windows (BeOS and linux will come).
New Features :

  • correct resource file : if
  • launch pov, bmrt (configuration in menu option->cfg...)
  • 3ds export
  • x export
  • change icons of the tool bars from ppModeler (menu option->change current icon set..., then click on the icon you want to change)
  • project an object on another
  • install program on windows (with Inno Setup, a really good freeware)
  • the program comes with some samples.
  • morph between multiple target (same number of vertices)

Corrected bugs:

  • deleting camera the views get not refreshed
  • bug rendering sds object
  • remove material, check that there isn't two material with the same name.
  • bug group/ungroup
  • pov/bmrt export : no texture for primitive objects...
  • bug in memory allocation that cause ppModeler to crash after a certain time.


2001-12-02 New release of ppModeler for Windows and BeOS (linux will follow).

2001-10-17 New release of ppModeler for Windows, BeOS and linux.
What's new :
  • catmull-clark subdivision surface, with edge and vertex weight (menu effect).
    All mesh can be converted to sds object. The sds object is displayed as well as the control object. The conversion mesh <-> sds can controled in the effect menu, or with the s key.
  • symmetric objects (Effect toolbox -> Miror tool). Use the miror tool too define a miror plane. Then, ppModeler ask if you want a symetric object. Answer Yes. The object (or sds object) is displayed with one half in the selected color, the other half in tne unselected color. You can work on the seleccted part, the changes will made for you on the other part.
  • Correction of a bug in select vertex for curves (2d, 3d)
  • Correction of a bug in weights setting for bones.
  • Correction of a bug in camera selection for pov export
  • Correction of a bug in remove face tool
  • Views colors configuration (menu option->cfg...)
  • 3d grid (menu option->cfg...)
  • size of selection box configurable (menu option->cfg...)
  • icon size from 16 pixels to 32 pixels (menu option->cfg...)
  • New bevel vertex tool
  • update extrude, lath, skin so that they use 2d curves and 3d curves, instead of 2d/3d polygons.
  • save, load 2d curve
  • IK (Inverse Kinematic) for animation
  • menu still opened when the user release the mouse button
  • extrude unconnected faces
  • edge toolbox
  • divide face(s) tool
  • cut with plane define by 3 vertices
  • zoom, pan, rotate with mouse toolbox


2001-04-19 New release of ppModeler for BeOS and linux. Correction of a bug disabling saving and loading under the home directory.

2000-09-18 New release of ppModeler Linux.

2000-08-21 New release of ppModeler for Windows and BeOS (linux will follow).
What's new :
  • A brand new user interface (a lot of works there, really... hope you will enjoy it :)),
  • Added basic objects : torus and cone.
  • A new material editor,
  • A new rendering engine, in true color, with z buffer.
  • A new 2d curve editor, which can mixed line, quadric and cubic splines. It's also allow boolean operation, grouping (with holes).
  • Raytracing with transparency, reflexivity.
  • Multiple cameras, with aim.


2000-02-12 New release of ppModeler for linux.
What's new :
  • pov + megapov export
  • rib export (texture, lights)
  •  lath on an axis
  • bug on face and vertex number corrected
  • 3d curves
  • select all connected faces tool
  • background images in editing mode.
  • lights fall off
  • spot light (dir, angle, fall off, point to)
  • view from spot light
  • export to tiff file (for bmrt)
  • bug on vrml export corrected
  • logFile : directory of the file configured in the rc file
  • free modifier bug corrected
  • small icons for tools and toolboxes (configuration in the rc file)
  • hide shortcut in rc file
  • new blob editor:
    •   new elems :
      • ellipse
      • face
      • path with linear radius or interpolated radius between points.
      • box
      • cylinder
      • cone
    • save and load
    • improve interface


2000-02-09 New release of ppModeler for Windows and BeOS (linux will follow).
What's new :
  • Improvement of the user interface,
  • Added a tool which create an object with the selected faces,
  • Added a new tutorial,
  • 'm' key allow to enter the coordinates of the last selected vertex under the select vertices tool.
  • Bug correction in the BeOS version (shortkeys, redraw).
  • known bug : objects->textured polygon menu item may crash ppModeler.


2000-01-27 New release of ppModeler for Windows and BeOS (linux will follow).
What's new :
  • Import/export WaveFront obj files,
  • Tool bars have now tool tips with the right mouse button,
  • Added a new tutorial,
  • Bug correction in the BeOS version (resize, shift key, quicker mouse mouve...).
  • Some ASCII file format are not well interpreted under BeOS. Added a program (crlf2cr) that convert text file from DOS format to unix format.


2000-01-17 First release of ppModeler on BeOS.

2000-01-07 First release of ppModeler on linux.
ppModeler on linux is a bit slow. This is due to the use of standart X image functions. I will check other possibilities later.

2000-01-05 First release of ppModeler for windows